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Grounded Peace

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Sound & Music for the Soul

A language we all connect with to feel grounded and at peace. Here you will find events and sessions to guide you on your healing journey.


Welcome to Grounded Peace

Sound Healing Practitioner & Teacher ~ Vocal Channel ~ Musician ~ Priestess ~ Holistic Therapies


Becky of Grounded Peace is a certified Integral Sound Healing Practitioner, associate tutor and teacher with the Sound Healing Academy International and has been a highly qualified and accomplished Musician for over 20 years. She is also a Qualified Rose Priestess with the Magdalene Rose Temple & Priestess of Goddess with Motherhouse of the Goddess, Women's & Drum Circle Facilitator, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Reiki Healer and Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation Therapist.

During her Sound Healing experiences she combines her natural love for the power of sound, music and healing work and creates intuitive and powerful soundscapes to aid the body’s energy to unblock and rebalance through the vibrations created by beautiful healing instruments such as Tibetan and Crystal Bowls, Shamanic style Drumming, Gong, Ocean Drum, Native American Flute, Sansula and what has also been described as her ‘haunting, ’ancestral’, ‘otherworldly’, ‘unique’ and ‘moving’ voice.


Grounded Peace hosts many regular in person Sound Baths and Hammock Sound Baths in the U.K and has hosted online Sound Baths to many people all over the world. In person events are hosted at many different venues and yoga studios and Grounded Peace has hosted events at festivals such as the Burning Woman Festival, the Birmingham & Wolverhampton Yogific Vegan Festivals and events for the NHS. And she has also had her 'Shamanic Drumming Journey with Nature Sounds' recording featured on 'Insight Timer' reaching a potential audience of half a million people.


“That was the first time for me with Sound Healing... I admit I was skeptical. BUT...her voice (and her smile) - Becky sounds like a mix between a fairy and a shaman. She plays the bowls with wisdom - seems like a ritual. I obviously changed my mind. Don't miss her.”
- Farinata


Level 2 Groups Sound Healing Training - "Becky is as usual an amazing asset to the Sound Healing Academy. The depth of knowledge and just her presence is amazing. The Level 2 workshop has exceeded my expectations and whilst learning more in-depth knowledge I have also grown as a person even more than I can imagine. This is important in moving forward to hopefully become a Sound Healing Practitioner. I really enjoyed the practicals and seeing everyone in our groups feel heard and I loved their sound baths. This gave me a great boost and understanding of how to carry out different types of sound baths. A beautiful space for growth and acceptance".

Tricia C


"Sound will be the medicine of the future".

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